ANSI C136.41

In addition to Nodes and Sub Masters that fit the Mayflower S6000 NEMA socket, we also offer Mayflower products that comply with ANSI C136.41 and can fit either a 5 or 7 pin compliant socket.

Mayflower Nodes and Sub Masters are available for 1-10V or Digital Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI) for dimming.

MAYFLOWER-External Dali Node - ANSI (4 of 7)MAYFLOWER-External Dali Node - ANSI (7 of 7)Mayflower Sub Master MKIIIMAYFLOWER-Sub Master MK111 - S6000 (5 of 7)

Back Office System

The Back Office System is the brain of the Mayflower Complete Lighting Control CMS. It issues commands to the Sub Masters, which in turn issue commands to the Nodes. It also receives the information from the Nodes, through the Sub Masters, allowing data to be recorded and analysed.


Sub Master

The Sub Master allows communication between the Nodes and the Back Office System. It is installed on a lantern using an S6000 socket, in the same way as an external Node.

See technical specification


Internal Node

The Internal Node allows signs and bollards to be remotely monitored and controlled. It fits inside the sign lantern or bollard base and the Antenna allows communication with the Sub Master. The Internal Node can also be fitted within column lanterns where it is not practical or aesthetically pleasing to use the External Node (e.g. heritage lanterns).

See Internal Node technical specification

See Antenna technical specification (AER08005)

See Antenna technical specification (AN/ND/T2-STUB)



Socket 6000

As a patented socket GB2480234, the S6000 Socket (NEMA) allows either a Node or Sub Master to be fitted to a lantern. The S6000 Socket also allows for an interim photo-electric cell to be fitted if installation of the Node/Sub Master will take place after lantern installation.

The S6000 Socket features a security design that will deter vandals and it is easy to install. It can even be pre-installed by certain lantern manufacturers.

Download the technical specification