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Slough Borough Council to monitor air pollution outside schools using smart lighting network

Mayflower Smart Control are working in partnership with air quality analytics experts Ricardo, to provide insight into the levels of air pollution in the vicinity of a number of Slough schools. Data will be collected via the Mayflower Smart Lighting network with results collated and analysed on the Mayflower Smart City and Places Platform.

Slough AQMALocated in the Thames Valley west of London, the borough of Slough currently has five air quality management areas (AQMAs), including some in the vicinity of primary and nursery schools. Following a successful funding application by Slough Borough Council to DEFRA, Mayflower Smart Control are working in partnership with Ricardo, Vaisala and the lighting contractor to undertake in-depth analysis of air quality for Slough Borough Council.

The project will evaluate the air quality in the vicinity of the schools and assess the use of this latest sensor technology against existing approaches using NO2 diffusion tubes, both in terms of accuracy and cost. A particular focus for the monitoring will be the analysis of school drop-off and pick-up activities, and the impacts on NO2 and particulate pollution across these periods.

The Mayflower Smart Cities and Places platform supports the connection of smart sensors and devices through a range of protocols, the interactive geographical mapping of connected assets, the integration and analysis of the resultant data and the integration of third party applications, such as MODUS, into the platform’s App Store to either generate or exploit available sensor and device data.

Patrick Mitchell, Head of Mayflower, commented: “Having worked closely and collaboratively with Slough Borough Council on several smart deployments, Mayflower are pleased to be involved in a project that will deliver valuable insight, informing decisions benefitting both schools and school children. The integration of the air quality data into our new Smart City Platform will provide a complete view of Slough’s smart deployments.”

“Councils across the UK are focused on improving local level air quality and especially in protecting the most vulnerable members of the community. New technology combined with insightful analysis are critical to help understand and address these challenges,” commented Ricardo air quality monitoring business manager, Paul Willis. “We are proud to be working with Mayflower Smart Control, Vaisala and Slough Borough Council to deliver this important work evaluating air quality close to the Borough’s schools.”

Installation and commissioning of the project will commence in November 2019 with a report on the findings being provided to DEFRA and Slough Borough Council a year later in November 2020.

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