Mayflower - a proven CMS system involved in some of the largest street lighting projects in the UK

Discreet infrastructure installed on lighting units receives and transmits data to the office enabling full and effective asset management

Monitor and report faults automatically, control switching and vary light output as well as manage energy consumption

A 21st Century solution for the management of exterior lighting and associated illuminated equipment

Full dynamic control and monitoring of each individual lighting unit using low power radio and GPRS/3G communication

Provides the infrastructure for a Smart City network ready for future IoT applications

Mayflower ensures the lighting system is operating at maximum efficiency, reducing financial costs and environmental impact

Complete control over your lighting systems, improving efficiency, product life, service intervals and cost savings

Slough Borough Council says yes to new Smart City technology

Innovative technology businesses Mayflower Smart Control and InTouch Ltd have teamed up to provide combined Smart City technologies to Slough Borough Council. The Smart City dashboard allows the council a full city overview of controllable street lighting and a proactive drain management system.

Following detailed collaboration and technical development, an initial trial was deployed in March 2019 to validate the two Internet of Things (IoT) technologies in a live site location. After a highly successful field trial, Slough Borough Council has now confirmed installation of a further 20 sensor project across the borough, to be installed in June 2019.

Mayflower Smart Control has provided the Central Management System (CMS) which controls and monitors the entirety of Slough Borough’s lighting network, managing the LED street lighting output, dimming profiles, switching regimes and back office reporting to record and report energy expenditure. The CMS was deployed as part of the LED upgrade programme.

InTouch Ltd’s SmartWater facilitates a shift to a data-driven approach to gully management, using predictive analytics and IoT sensors to provide detailed information so that highway operators can proactively tackle road surface flooding.

Previously, gully management in Slough was always done with a manual inventory rota check using a paper-based system resulting in instructions given to each gully team to unblock drains that have been reported to the council.

Sing-Wai Yu, Service Manager at Slough Borough Council, said: “We were very keen to start using Smart City and Internet of Things technologies for a variety of environmental factors, for efficiency and to save money. Early results of this trial have been encouraging, we’re now signing up to carry out the next phase of the trial with a view to roll out this technology across our borough. As a Local Authority, we are always looking to work with companies who offer innovation through technology, combined with significant financial savings.

John Walden, Managing Director of InTouch Ltd, said: “We are delighted to be working in partnership with Mayflower and with Slough Borough Council, and look forward to a long-term working relationship on this and other projects.

There is a vast amount of potential for IoT sensors and wireless networks to revolutionise how local authorities monitor assets and the environment with real-time live updates enabling them to respond accordingly.”

Patrick Mitchell, Head of Mayflower Smart Control, said: “This project is another demonstration of utilising the Smart lighting network for additional Smart City applications that results in tangible benefits for a local authority and its residents.

Developing a working solution with InTouch Ltd has allowed the client to seamlessly integrate an effective gully monitoring solution into its existing Mayflower CMS lighting network. The successful integration of InTouch’s gully sensors is another step toward building a fully ‘Smart’ environment in Slough.”

Mayflower, which is part of SSE Enterprise Digital Services, became Slough Borough Council’s trusted CMS partner in 2016 supplying the Smart lighting controls as part of the borough-wide LED upgrade. The resulting saving from LED and CMS has achieved circa 43% in annual energy and carbon savings.

InTouch Ltd works with a number of Local Authorities across the UK and its IoT gully sensors and advanced predictive technologies have already demonstrated gully cleansing savings of 50% and reduced problem gullies from 25% to 5% in a recent ground-breaking trial.

The SmartWater technology was developed in partnership with Lancaster University, Innovate UK and industry partners, and has undergone 10 years of rigorous testing and pilot projects.

The SmartWater system is also beneficial to local authorities by providing risk-based evidence for maintenance and improvement of the gully asset. This approach is consistent with the most recent (2017) UKRLG Code of Practice for Well Managed Highways and is endorsed by the Department for Transport.

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