Mayflower - a proven CMS system involved in some of the largest street lighting projects in the UK

Discreet infrastructure installed on lighting units receives and transmits data to the office enabling full and effective asset management

Monitor and report faults automatically, control switching and vary light output as well as manage energy consumption

A 21st Century solution for the management of exterior lighting and associated illuminated equipment

Full dynamic control and monitoring of each individual lighting unit using low power radio and GPRS/3G communication

Provides the infrastructure for a Smart City network ready for future IoT applications

Mayflower ensures the lighting system is operating at maximum efficiency, reducing financial costs and environmental impact

Complete control over your lighting systems, improving efficiency, product life, service intervals and cost savings

A decade of financial savings and carbon reduction for Hampshire County Council

10 years into the South Coast Street Lighting PFI, Hampshire County Council have reduced their energy expenditure by more than half

The South Coast Street Lighting Private Finance Initiative (PFI) is a unique 25-year partnership between Hampshire County Council (HCC), Southampton City Council and West Sussex County Council. The PFI provides each council with a means to upgrade and maintain a range of street lighting assets, including illuminated signs and bollards.

During the planning phase of the project, the South Coast PFI identified two main objectives:

  1. Improve lighting standards to reduce crime and accidents
  2. Reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions

Following competitive OJEU procedure, the contract was awarded to Tay Valley Lighting Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of SSE, with SSE Enterprise Contracting named as the Operating Sub Contractor.

Upgrading assets in Hampshire

From April 2010 to April 2015, HCC saw 146,418 Hampshire-managed streetlights, plus 10,195 3rd party units upgraded from traditional SON, Cosmopolis and compact fluorescent lanterns to energy-efficient luminaire’s complete with electronic control gear installed by SSE Enterprise Contracting.

The Hampshire PFI specified more than just the replacement of lighting assets, with a remote monitoring and management system identified as an integral part of the Capital Investment Programme. This would provide Hampshire County Council with a future-proofed solution which supports future smart city and IoT developments.

Mayflower Smart Control is a trading name of SSE Contracting Ltd, operating and supporting the Mayflower Central Management System (CMS). The Mayflower CMS provides clients with the ability to remotely monitor, control, switch and amend light source output from lighting assets through the Mayflower Lighting Network. Using a Zigbee mesh communication protocol, the lighting network also provides an infrastructure that compliments future smart city deployments.

A key driver of change for HCC was the public’s perception of reduced crime levels, fear of crime and improved safety for all night time road users. A live trial enabled lead engineers from Hampshire County Council to assess the impacts of percentage dimming on Hampshire stakeholders. Results of the dimming trial resulted in HCC outlining a dimming strategy of 25% dimming from dusk to midnight, a further 25% dimming between midnight and 5am, before returning to 25% dimming from 5am to dawn, at which point the lights will switch off.

As well as enabling dimming at specific times, Mayflower CMS helps with the effective maintenance of lighting assets through reduced call outs and the ability to report the performance of each individual street light. Mayflower’s technology allows the client to activate remote and total lighting output flexibility through remote control capabilities to maximise both energy and financial savings.

Project success

Following the successful replacement of c.150,000 traditional lanterns during the Core Investment Period, energy savings soon became apparent in 2013, as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1: Hampshire County Council Annual Energy Consumption Levels

The first decade of the South Coast Street Lighting PFI has seen Hampshire County Council reduce their annual street lighting energy expenditure by 57.6%, saving 27,503,572 kWh per year – the equivalent of powering almost 7,500 homes.

In addition to substantial energy savings, the PFI has also reduced light pollution and the carbon footprint of Hampshire County Council, realising Carbon Tax savings of around £200,000 per year. These savings provide a positive contribution toward the Council’s goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2050, in line with national targets.

The installation of Mayflower CMS and its smart lighting network also provides Hampshire with the opportunity to further enhance energy savings by reducing light output levels of streetlights. The Mayflower Lighting Network will assist in enabling Hampshire to integrate smart sensors and devices as smart city and IoT technology progresses, with road surface temperature sensors, air quality monitoring devices and weather stations installed on the network to date.

Patrick Mitchell, Head of Mayflower, commented: “The South Coast PFI is Mayflower’s and the UK’s largest single smart lighting network, and we are delighted that Hampshire County Council continue to significantly reduce energy expenditure over recent years whilst significantly contributing to carbon neutrality targets. The Mayflower team actively support and collaborate with the South Coast PFI management teams and continue discussions around further smart city technologies and how these can assist environmental conditions and service efficiencies.”

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