SSE helps Hampshire save energy

hampshireAn innovative street-lighting management system has helped one of England’s largest county councils reduce its energy use, bringing significant cost and carbon savings.

Mayflower Central Management System, designed to remotely manage, monitor and vary light output, has been installed to over 155,000 of Hampshire County Council’s street lights helping achieve significant financial savings and reduced CO2 emissions by around 4,000 tonnes. That’s equivalent to the CO2 emitted from around 1600 cars every year.

The installation of the technology began in 2010 through the Hampshire County Council Street Lighting Private Finance Initiative (PFI) and is set to be installed to over 150,000 lights by 2015. The innovative technology will allow Hampshire County Council to better control and vary the light output and avoid the need to switch lights off at night to make financial savings.

Mayflower Complete Lighting Control, owned by SSE Contracting, is already in use across more than 20 towns and cities in the UK. Its installation in Hampshire to over 150,000 street lights also makes it one of the single largest remotely monitored and managed street lighting systems in the world.

Patrick Mitchell, Head of Mayflower Complete Lighting Control, said: “This unique central management system has a vital role to play in helping local authorities and PFIs meet their energy reduction targets. We are delighted to see that Hampshire County Council is already seeing the benefits from the Mayflower CMS.

“The system’s easy installation and its ability to control and monitor lights remotely enables the light emitted to be tailored to suit the external lighting requirements resulting in more efficient management of the lighting stock. It also eliminates the need for night scouting and increases lamp life which also contributes to cost efficiencies.”

Prior to installation of energy efficient lanterns and the Mayflower system, Hampshire’s street-lighting was consuming around 50m kW hours of energy a year. This will be successfully reduced to 34m kW hours by 2015 with the majority of the savings attributed to the use of the variable light control feature of the Mayflower Central Management System.

Mayflower Central Management System now controls and monitors over 320,000 street lights, bollards and signs in the UK and Ireland and can be used for both internal and external use.

Slough Borough Council

sloughA major redevelopment of the “Heart of Slough” has given the Authority the opportunity to install the latest Mark 2 version of Mayflower. The major road running through Slough itself is the busy A4, which forms part of the “Heart of Slough” regeneration. The Mayflower Central Management System (CMS) provides the Authority with enhanced control over this lighting, allowing dimming and switching as well as reporting electrical faults.

Nottingham Street Lighting PFI

nottinghamThis Project includes the replacement of approximately 35,000 units of street lighting apparatus (the majority of which will be completed in the first 5 years) and the maintenance of approximately 42,000 units over the 25-year period. The Mayflower Central Management System is also being installed, enabling the streetlights to be monitored and controlled remotely, to report faults and to be dimmed for certain periods during the night.

Nottingham City Council will realise savings in carbon emissions and energy consumption from this project. Over the 25-year period, it is anticipated that there will be a saving of approximately 54,500 tonnes of CO2 emissions and the energy consumption will be reduced by approximately 27% due to the installation of more efficient street lighting equipment and the CMS.

Knowsley Street Lighting PFI

knowsley_village_hall_2The Knowsley Street Lighting PFI includes the replacement of almost 12,000 columns and over 20,000 illuminated traffic signs and bollards within the first four years of the project. A sizeable reduction in energy consumption and CO2 emissions is predicted due to more energy efficient lighting equipment and the installation of the Mayflower Complete Lighting Control System.

South Coast Street Lighting PFI

winchester-at-duskAs part of the South Coast Street Lighting PFI, over 250,000 lighting units will be replaced in the first five years of the project. In Hampshire alone, Mayflower is providing 150,000 Nodes. Hampshire County Council is already achieving large savings in energy consumption and energy billing. In the fifteen months from project commencement, the Council made a saving of £181,000 and reduced its energy consumption by 2.5m kilowatt hours.